Before starting to do a job, many people may wonder, “Am I the right person for this job?” “My personality, understanding, and quality can help. Am I successful in this job? “

This is the same as a recruiting notice, and the requirement for experience skills is often described in detail. For example, you need to know about writing skills, maturity in writing – communication in English, honesty, you passionate drawing, singing, dancing …

Oh! Then blogging too, in order to become a “blogger” in the future, there are also some basic elements (from my personal point of view) to help you succeed. Remember the things listed below are the basic elements, of course, you can have more than that. Or do not get one of these qualities, do not give up because most of us can practice, do not give up your blog dream offline!

Looking at these 10 factors can also help you determine what kind of blog you will do well in the future with your qualities, personality, and skills.

1. You are ready to share

In the blogosphere, if you want to succeed and create a professional blog, the spirit of “give-away” must be the leading factor. There will be no secret words if you want to grow a blog grow stronger. Let go one day you will get more than that!

2. I am very fond of reading books

This helps you pretty much in that blogging job. Reading a lot makes your writing clearer. Addition of rich vocabulary. Reading also helps you develop knowledge, learn to write from reading. Emerged the idea of writing from reading an article, a book or sometimes a short piece of news.

3. I like to write

If you love to read but never try to write something, then it may be quite difficult to work in blogging. Because most blogs convey the message in writing.

4. My speaking skills are better than writing

You have better speech skills than writing, you are said to be saying grace. Then maybe write a blog not suitable for you BUT if you choose to make a video blog (Vlog) is very good.

5. I am under pressure and ready to take on “bricks”

You write blogs every day that you are presenting a perspective, a matter from the perspective of individuals in front of a lot of people. People will “say” your words, your life, and then they make comments, sometimes you will be recognized while going to the supermarket for example (oh well now famous). There is no Delete button for all your activities on the internet, so if you write something online, it will stay there for many more years, whether you delete the blog, it still exists on the hosting service or it was located somewhere on other blogs. Be careful and wear a regular helmet because the stone is always around you.

6. Are you serious or funny?

Put yourself in the reader, sure you like the article, video … there is a humor element in it, right? If you have a sense of humor, then this is a good factor for you to develop a blog “hit”.

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7. You are an organized and respected virtual relationship

When you start a blog, you have to spend a lot of time updating it, taking care of it, promoting it. Concentrate and work out specific plans such as defining a week to write 3 items, find 2 more ideas for the next week … If not a professional and organized work then you hardly accomplish his plan. You will receive many comments and emails from people you have never met and you have to respect them, you have to answer them, help them, all are virtual relationships but it will help you gain prestige.

8. You are persevering

Is there a blog after one night has become famous, become a professional blog, there are thousands of followers? No. of course. Blogging is a long journey, you can only succeed after a period of hard work, especially with blogs aimed at making money.

9. You are Internet savvy and tech-savvy

otherwise, it will be a little difficult because you know when working with blogs that you are working on a computer with some software or browser, There are times when you have to refine your blog. Nowadays, all this knowledge is not too complicated, you can learn. Making a blog with another person is also a good option if you do not really have a background in the internet and technology.

10. You work hard

The level of hard work depends on the goal you set. If you aim to your blog to become something big, there will be a lot of work you have to do. face. Like most other jobs you need to work hard to achieve results.

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I’m sure there are a lot of other factors (you can add the comments below) to decide if the blog is right for you. Take ACTION NOW¬†with a blog if you have enough passion whether you have the above factors or not, all can be achieved through training, practice, and practice!