Starting a blog for yourself is a great thing that I’m still experiencing for the moment. Getting started with blogging and writing things you like is the smartest investment (for me personally) to date.

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To better understand why I started blogging you can also look here.

Actually, on my personal level, there is only one reason: On September 2, 2018, I realized that after all the failures, I had to stand up and create for myself. an opportunity to change lives. I sat up, sat down at the computer, found out everything and I found the blog, I headed in search and a month later was born!

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BUT to this point, I may have discovered 20 more reasons to start blogging (other than the above). And I want to share with you right below:


  1. Blogging will give you confidence when you get a lot of positive feedback from your beloved reader
  2. Blogging helps you be more creative because you always have to find, think new ideas to create the article
  3. Creating a blog is completely easy in about 30 minutes
  4. You are fully proactive to manage your time. You will not have to wake up right at 6am, hurry to change clothes and rush to the road fast to avoid … traffic jam
  5. Opportunity to meet other people. Know more about what they like, do not like
  6. You learn more knowledge such as building a professional blog, SEO, increase traffic, internet …
  7. You have the opportunity to exchange, talk and share with others
  8. You can blog wherever you want. Take the computer to the cafe, lie on the bed …
  9. You create passive income and financial autonomy for yourself
  10. You can become a lecturer, a speaker, an inspirational person to others
  11. Professional blogging makes your life more purposeful. You are more responsible for the plans and goals you have set. For example, you set a goal every week to write 3 or help a person.
  12. More people can understand you through your blog, by the way, you write, you support, answer their questions
  13. You can write whenever you have ideas without getting a deadline for you
  14. You have more credibility once your blog starts to be valuable to others
  15. You can use your own blog to do your business, such as selling a book, a course, a specific product …
  16. Discover more about your own abilities, things you have not discovered before. Sometimes the reader is the one who helps you to discover more of your own abilities.
  17. You observe and perceive life better.
  18. You build a community of your own: right on the blog, Fanpage, Group …
  19. Add blogs to your resume and get access to the work you desire
  20. Last but not least is the fact that you often receive invitations to drink coffee from your readers.

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Are you ready to start writing your own blog? Here are 20 reasons for me or you start blogging, if you ever have a blog and you have other reasons then leave a comment below!