What are you doing to increase your blog traffic by only 3 hours a day? You know there are millions of blogs out there, behind the bloggers. Most bloggers do not spend all their time developing blogs, because sometimes they have other jobs, blogging is just a left hand.

However, 100% of bloggers want high traffic when they own a blog. The first days of blogging will be very difficult to attract traffic, sometimes you will feel depressed after looking at access analysis and see that the view can not pass 100 times a day though. have tried a lot. So what strategies to increase traffic without spending full time?


I usually spend 3 hours a day blogging and found quite effective, this article I would like to share with you the work of 3 hours to increase the traffic for the blog. You can try it, but if you have more time you can increase the work to speed up.

3 hours a day, what do you do to increase traffic for your blog?


Usually, I feel awake, creative in the morning after having loaded a cup of coffee between 8-9h30. This is the time to look for ideas, thoughts and write “hit” songs. Long, specialized posts, also known as nails, backbone. Often these articles need a period of 10 to 15 hours or a week to only produce up to one article.

The article “hit” is a long article, its content needs to provide more value to the reader. Generate responses from readers, for example, they will leave comments: “Thank you for providing useful, great articles I will share with my friends on facebook for them to have. can read it “.

Some tips for you to write a “hit”, for example, you have a blog about website design, you can write articles titled “10 free tools for website design” in the article you will:

  • Create a list of the top 10 free tools
  • Teach people how to use those tools
  • Also, you can write more about solutions to a specific problem in the website design topic
  • Or you write an in-depth analysis of a topic where you notice that others just write about it superficially


At noon from 13 to 13h30 I often focus on promoting “hit” articles. By all means, you need to promote that article too as many people as possible. I often use the following:

  • Share articles on social networks, sometimes straight tags who need to read it
  • Email a new article to the reader in your email list
  • Announce to other webmasters, bloggers about your new post by emailing them
  • Share your posts in forums or the groups you are currently in

These are the ways you can increase traffic for an article and spread it to more people. Never write and wait for the reader to find you, need to advertise-advertising and advertising.


Actually, this is the connection, I spend 30 minutes on this job every day. By reading the same topic in other blogs. Read help me know what other bloggers are writing? How to write? Through reading, I also learn a lot from them. However, reading is not enough, I often read very attentively as “look” and leave comments built under the article. There is also a better way to interact than you can send email exchanges on a subject that you and your co-interests.

If your articles should link to other blogs with the same topic. This will not only help you get more backlinks but also build relationships with other bloggers. Note, however, that when doing this you need to do it with all the respect that other bloggers have, and you connect with them to grow together, not just to help them promote your blog.


Sometimes more than 30 minutes but this is the average time I spend on normal postings. You know to write a “hit” you can take a whole week, so if you do not take the time to write regular posts, your blog every week has just one post. So the speed of updating the article will be too slow, especially the first time when the new blog. The “hit” article is the backbone of a new reader, while the normal article brings a variety of content and “retains” your readers.

Ideas for normal posts can be:

  • Write articles to ask questions for the reader, the goal is to stimulate discussion
  • Maybe it’s a news article about news or updates related to your blog topic
  • Introduce the guide, use a tool, new resources are useful for readers

I usually divide the time 3 hours a day for 4 jobs on purpose to increase traffic for the blog. The time division will depend on the arrangement as well as the actual situation of each person, but in the early time of blogging you should do 4 work as stated, surely the traffic will improve.

How much time did you spend and what did you do to increase your blog traffic? Leave a comment below!