At this point surely we all cannot deny and deny that the Internet has really changed the lives of so many people and make money online is absolutely possible to do!

However, when starting to participate in the work of making money online to no matter what extent, most of us are wondering: Really make money online is like? What is the minimum capital?

So in this article, I will give you 5 ideas to get you started on making money online with under $ 100. In these ways, if you are determined and working in a focused way, you have the means to grow into an online business in the future!

Make Money Online with 100$


Writing and focusing on developing a blog is one of the simplest but most widely adopted.

Pick a topic that you love the most and write about it. Then step by step build a reader group, gradually you can become an expert if you know how to build your personal brand.

To start a blog, it is simply a matter of choosing yourself a domain name, hosting registration and installation of the WordPress source code. The total initial cost for this job is certainly less than $ 65! (See how to do it in 30 minutes here)


This is the method of making money online is most people apply and pursue the most! Simply it is highly passive, and affiliate marketing does not require product ownership, no order processing, delivery … The main job of affiliate marketers is simply to create one. Value content, attract the user “prompted” them to click on the link and buy the product. The supplier pays for the affiliate marketing affiliate some specific commission when the product is sold!

To make affiliate marketing the most effective and sustainable I still recommend starting with a blog but in fact, there are those who have made $ 3000 a month income without blogging or website. They simply know how to use social networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram …

If you start with $ 100 for affiliate marketing you can balance your budget to try different types of advertising to target specific audiences with a budget for each day, then evaluate the conversion effect. change. This is how many people are doing affiliate marketing to apply.


At some point, this is still the method of making money online with affiliate marketing, but more specifically you need to build a review site on a particular field. Offer discount codes, share promotions, from which make money with affiliate marketing to generate income online.

In this way, you basically need to define a specific industry to focus on building a website, then step by step implement SEO strategies (search engine optimization) and step by step generate revenue in the process. workflow.

Basic capital is usually less than $ 100 mainly for domain cost + hosting and some tools for website evaluation products.


Internet development, online learning needs are unlimited and growing. If you are really confident and have a good knowledge of the subject, then creating your online course and selling it on online training platforms is a very effective way to earn passive online income.

There are many platforms you can work with, such as Udemy, Skillshare, where you can work together to provide online courses to receive 70-90% of your sales.

To invest in this way of making money online, it is your job to create instructional videos for a specific topic. Use a PC with Camtasia software to record audio, cost $ 100!


So in this article, I have suggested four ways to start making money online with less than $ 100.

Your job now is to reconsider your ability (knowledge, financial capital, passion) and start choosing for yourself a way to pursue. Set short-term income targets at specific levels and incrementally increase that income over time.

Finally, it’s easy to read through all of this and see how many opportunities you have, but if you do not act, there’s definitely someone else to take action and you’ll still be stuck in the spot.

How are you making money online? How much initial investment did you (or could) invest in making money online? I would love to hear more from you!