In today’s world, everyone is searching for ways to earn money. On one hand, some people do desk jobs to earn their salary, on the other, there are people earning on the web i.e the online way. Affiliate Programs help you earn a lot on the online platform. Just bring more customers to the company and you can earn loads of money- simple as that. There are many affiliate programs in the market out there which can give you a commission from the total revenue. That’s why we have created a list of the best affiliate program for you.

Here is the list of best affiliate programs that can help you in earning big bucks.


When it comes to lucrative services, there is hardly any affiliate program that can beat the TemplateMonster. One of the highest paying affiliate programs, TemplateMonster offers a huge 30% commission rate to its affiliate on the very first order placed via a referral link. After that, every order placed by any customer will provide 10% of earning.

TemplateMonster provides banners, plugins, widgets and many special tools that an affiliate must have. One of the biggest advantages of this affiliate program is the progressive commission plan, 5% lifelong cut for recurring affiliates, active cookies for the whole year and many more.


There is hardly anyone in the digital business or marketing who hasn’t heard the name of Semrush. Semrush offers a massive amount of commission i.e up to 40% of the earning. This is why it stands tall in the crowd and is one of the most loved research and SEO tool. Their official affiliate program is Berush which can increase your income exponentially.

After joining Semrush’s affiliate program, you can earn 40% commission on a monthly basis. Moreover, if you put any of Semrush’s gadget on your website or blog, you can earn plentiful money for you on a month to month premise.

Amazon Affiliate Program

If you are looking for a great and trustable affiliate program in terms of money and security, there is no other better than the Amazon Affiliate Program. With up to 12% in advertising fees and free to join the program, not only you get the advertising fee but also from the qualifying purchasing. Though there might be some products which will not be having any advertising fee, some of them would give you up to a whopping 12 percent of the total cost. From bloggers to content creators, you can use this affiliate program to monetize your webpage by advertising the products of your wish. Where you can promote available Amazon Offers through various platforms based upon territory you are doing.


What if you get free signup and 30% commission per referral for the lifetime! Is there any affiliate program that can provide such luxury? The answer is- Yes, there is!

Aweber is the affiliate program for you which offers signups for free and gives 30% commission per referral. You will get 30 days free trial to check this tool out. Also, their mailing plans start at $9 providing tons of emailers. The biggest advantage of Aweber is that the tool enables us to send emails, RSS to emails, follow-up emails and more.

The affiliate program team has achieved a lot in terms of success and customers in the last few years. All thanks to the great tools and features they provide- from live support to education. But, Aweber has a payment threshold which starts from $50 through Check.

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Propeller Ads

Propeller Ads are highly popular amongst the bloggers and website owners because of the quality of ads they provide. The pop-under ads of Propeller is quite popular among them now. This network offers a handsome CPM rate with its ads like pop-under ads, pop-ups, post-rolls, overlays, and pre-roll ads.

Though you might find referral commission very low i.e 5% to the referring publishers, it satisfies its clients with real-time stats and 24/7 online and calls support. Paying options include bank wire, MasterCard, Webmoney, Payoneer and many more.

Raven Internet Marketing Tools

This popular SEO tool has a very high affiliate commission. Just try promoting Raven tools and you can get the unbelievable 50% commission from the first month. For a recurring commission for life long, it is set up to 10%. Moreover, the Pro account users get an additional $9.90/month recurring revenue.

The program also has six months return policy, although they give $24.50 per month as the recurring revenue.

AliExpress Affiliate Program

Easy to use and free to join, AliExpress Affiliate Program is just like the prior Amazon Affiliate Program. You can monetize your blog from every purchase coming from it. You can earn up to a huge 50% commission rate by advertising the products. Though it varies from product to product that how the commission rates are set, but surely you can earn a handsome amount on this platform. It all depends on the sales you do. Moreover, the company also provides incentives and tools to reach towards the marketing goals. There are more than 1.5 lakhs individuals who have joined the program and you can be one amongst them who can earn a lot from this. You will be shared with the latest AliExpress Offers which will help you to make promotion by all means in a permissible manner.

Shopify Affiliate Programs

There is hardly any e-commerce affiliate program that can beat Shopify. If you want to sell your products either online or offline, it allows you to do that. The best thing about Shopify- it supports around 70 different payment gateways and is fully SEO optimized.

It lets you earn around $58 as you sign up for a non-free plan with a referral link. Not only this, if you are using Shopify to integrate your website with it or shopping cart, the e-commerce job becomes way easy. Moreover, 20% of the fair share from the total bill of the referred merchant comes to you.


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