Welcome to Nhuong Blog dot com. My name is Jackie, the person behind this blog!

If you let me guess about you, I would guess this: You are a creative, ambitious person!

But, if you let me guess about your current job with just one word, I would guess: Boring!

Simply because you are bored to find here, right here at this blog. I personally have been like that and I am sure that most of us throughout our lives experience such a boring time! This is also the reason that I created this blog, where it helps me remove the boredom out of my life!

The feeling of waking up at 6am, rushed to the road in the rush, came to work with the sluggish and tried to finish work at 17h. Really very boring!

And if you like that, you are here, at my blog and maybe you are having an idea, a new intention and more specifically you want to do something on the internet, to change your life. Please accompany me at this blog

Photo memorial while employed :))

But maybe you are …

  • Not sure where to start?
  • You do not know exactly what kind of products, services and it is suitable for your strengths?
  • You are stuck in a tangle of ideas, work and especially the question: how to increase income.

Do not worry too much, personally, I have been like that! It’s more terrible than that!

… the failure seemed to stand up. Jack has been hired, started a business, opened a coffee shop and a fashion company online!

But you know that business is something of a joke, Jack remembers the last days of sitting in his office on a rainy November in 2017. Jack could not do anything other than calling Liquidation services for old to help them “clean up” and pay the ground …

Jack left there with a laptop and some small items. The next day is a terrible time, Jack does not know what to do because of no capital, no faith, and direction.

Then at noon on September 2, 2018 (a national holiday of Vietnam) that almost all people go out and travel, Jack up to create blog and start writing, writing and write…

The current job for Jack is quite interesting. You do not have to spend as much time as before, but you can still take care of your children, do housework, and still earn money by spending your time online and blogging.

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If you look at me as a friend, follow me and do with me, there are questions we have to troubleshoot.

Dear and hope we will be friends with each other.

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