To join the Amazon affiliate program, you need to have an Amazon affiliate account. Registering your Amazon Associates account is not hard, just read carefully and fill in the Amazon required when the account is registered. To complete the installation process in this article you need a Payoneer payment account to verify Payment Methods. If you do not have a Payoneer account you can register by link below:

Sign up for a Payoneer account here.

Once you have a Payoneer account we start.


To sign up for Amazon Associates, visit the following link:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

Click the Join Now for Free button as shown above.

My e-mail address is the email you want to register for Amazon Associates. Then select “I am a new customer.” Next, Sign in using our secure server. The interface is as shown below:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

Complete the fields above, including:
My name is Your full name.
My e-mail address is and Type and again: Re-enter the e-mail to register.
Finally, enter your password in the two fields below and click Create account.
Next interface received:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

This step is quite simple, just fill in the fields as in the picture above. There are a number of schools that may not be required to fill incorrectly, but that is not recommended. You should fill out all the correct information so that you do not have undue trouble. Note your phone number must be filled in so that Amazon will call you to verify. Finally, check The Payee listed above and click Next: Your Website Profile.

The following fields should be filled in as follows:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

What is the name of your website ?: This is the ID of your website. It will appear on your affiliate link. You can use your domain name out there, pay attention to write immediately.
What’s the URL … .: this simple and then put your website link.
What’s your website(s) about? Fill as in the picture above.
Which of the following topics best describes the topic of your website(s): Select the category for your website. Make the right choice
What type of Amazon items do you intend to list on your website(s)? Make the right choice
What type of site is your website(s): choose as above.

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

How do you drive traffic to your website(s): Where do you pull traffic from your website? Often, SEO, if you do otherwise, choose that way.
How else do you monetize your website(s): How do you make money from this website? If the website is only used to market products for Amazon, select the last line is “Amazon Associates is the only way I monetize my site.”
How do you usually build links and How many unique visitors does your website(s) get per month and How did you hear about us? This is not important.
What is your primary reason for joining the Amazon Associates Program? Make money and do something else: “To monetize my site“.

Phone number verification:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

First, enter your phone number into the Enter Telephone Number of your phone number, then press Call me now and wait a few seconds. When Amazon calls you to verify, you hear them say do what they ask, say finished will have 4 numbers present on the phone screen, you press the right number 4, wait for a few seconds and the screen will change the notification you have successfully verified. Finally, tick the “You agree …” box and click Finish.

Once the registration is the complete wait for Amazon will Approved account for you is given.


After completing your account registration, you will begin to choose a payment method for Amazon Associates. Currently, Amazon Associates offers 3 forms of payment:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

In this article I only guide the method I consider most convenient is Direct Deposit. That means using the Payoneer account as mentioned at the beginning of the article. Once you have your Payoneer account login to Receive -> Global Payment Service to get the information needed for the verify.

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

  • Bank Name: First Century Bank
  • Bank Account Holder Name: The name on your Payoneer card.
  • Bank Account Type: Checking
  • Bank Account Number: View in Global Payment Service
  • Routing Number / ABA Number: See the Global Payment Service


Filling out a tax form is very important, almost any affiliate form must fill its own tax form. If you do not fill out the Tax Form, you will not receive payment. Here’s how to fill out a tax form:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

Note: I am not an American, so I do not understand American law. American friends remember to find out more about the law to fill incorrectly because it involves the work of making money so it is extremely important.

Just select No (if you are not American) or select Yes (if you are American) and click Save and Continue.

Next step:

Amazon Associates Account Registration Guide

As you click on the picture, remember to select the right as in the picture.

Signature of beneficial … .: Your signature, just enter your full name into is ok.
Email Address: Enter your Amazon Associates login email.


At different times, Amazon will update the various interfaces for the website more eye-catching so it may not be the same as the instructions in the image. However, the schools will need to keep the same. It should not cause much trouble, just keep your eye on the fields you need to fill in so that you do not get confused between schools.

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