When you have an idea that may be in your head, that’s probably what you call the idea. When you think of creating a blog for sure, the first thing you will think of is what the blog will write. Naming will count after.

It may be that order, but in reality on the internet, to create a blog first thing you still have to choose a domain name first. Let me analyze two cases below:

1. First

In case you find a topic that is good for your blog and you feel that if you do not start writing immediately, in just one hour all that will disappear. If this is the case then you should start the blog with a completely free platform on WordPress.com (note otherwise than wordpress.org) or Blogger.com or Tumblr.com. Here is the name of the blog to do before. You simply have to pass the registration step (just like signing up for an email account)

My experience is that choosing a domain name is too hard for you to think of right now, so do not worry, as almost all free platforms now offer you an upgrade option. You can choose the ABC name to pass the registration step aiming for a “place” blogging was. In the process of writing, you will come up with the name if you want to move to a separate platform on a separate hosting.


You will have to select a domain name first if you use it for free

I started with a blog at blogspot.com with the domain https://thesmartfreedom.blogspot.com/ and then migrated to its own platform with the current domain https://nhuongblog.com.

2. Second

If the reverse happens, you have a plan, strategy, and preparation for the future of blogging. You are expected to buy a host to “put” the blog into it with a separate domain name such as http://yourname.com randomly choosing the domain name for the blog is still the first thing to do. Simply put, for hosts you can buy at any time, just have money. But for domain names there is a limit, it depends on luck too. And if there is a host without a domain, then your blog can not run. As you have a piece of land but can not build a home and no address so no one can find your home.

Namecheap offers you $ 0.99 per year


In short: Choosing a domain name or choosing a theme before building your blog may have to be done in parallel if you have a specific goal. But in terms of the process of creating a blog to “toss” on the network must go in order because this is simply the process required. You may not have a topic but if you want to have a blog on the internet to equal you with the name is still the first thing to think. The name “ungainly” the blog has the opportunity to grow, but a topic “ungainly” blog cannot grow.

Did you choose a previous name or topic before blogging? Leave a comment below to let us discuss it!