Once you’ve got a blog on the internet, it’s time to ask: What platform should I choose to blog?

There are now many platforms for you to create your own personal blog. In the past, Yahoo 360 was a platform that almost everyone thought of the blog, but it was the Yahoo 360. But then the platform died, dragging millions of personal blogs die and disappear completely on the Internet. I am also one of those millions.

Then and even now there is blogger.com, after being bought Google acquired, this platform is quite popular and so far, this is a platform that many bloggers use to blog.

Next comes the WordPress.com platform, the most widely used platform with a large blogger community, you can easily connect and start blogging quickly in a few minutes.

Recently there is the appearance of Tumblr.com or Medium, Squarespace … Come here I believe you are tangled do not know what platform to choose to blog for yourself.



The first thing to do is to use it for FREE: This will help you launch a blog fast, without losing any money … But what free is perfect?

When using a free blog you will be limited to a lot of functions such as interface, not expandable tools and sometimes you can not make money through ads.

Eventually, your blog address will look like: yourblog.tumblr.com or yourblog.blogger.com or yourblog.wordpress.com.

Second is the use of paid: Also known as blog self-hosted

With this option, you can completely customize, intervene in the code, edit … your blog as you like. And WordPress.org is a platform to help you do this. Essentially WordPress.org is also free for you completely.

But to use you need to buy your own domain and hosting to “put” the WordPress source code on it for blogging. You may be confusing.

And I have never lost the confidence to suggest that you use WordPress.org as a blogging platform if you consider blogging to be professional and to make money.

Do not worry we take a look and compare between WordPress.com and WordPress.org right below Infographic:

Choose the blogging platform for making money

Differentiate wordpress.com and wordpress.org

The reasons you should choose WordPress.org for blogging:

  • Free and continuous updates are automatically updated to the latest version
  • Customizable interface and unlimited functionality
  • Community use and broad support
  • Install and own thousands of free themes and plugins
  • Blogs have their own domain: myblog.com
  • Set up the banner, shorten link … to make money


The above is my opinion of how I chose, and you? Leave a comment for us to discuss, or you need an analysis of what platform, leave a comment, I will try to learn and review again.