One thing that makes all of us difficult to choose is: Try to get the keyword into the domain!

Basically keywords in domain names somehow help you get high rankings and easily do SEO later. But now to put a keyword into a domain name is often very difficult because most such domain names are already registered.

So to make it easier, I recommend answering the question: Do you plan to be a brand?

If the answer is no: You can choose domain names that contain keywords.

For example, if you write about homestay travel, the domain name that matches this option may need to contain the keyword “homestay”. Of course will be a domain name that you can’t buy now, so combine or change .com to .net or even .blog .club for example.

A tool to help you quickly search and match keywords and suggest the domain name tag is NameMesh. Just enter your keywords and you’ll get a lot of options right below.

If the answer is yes: You don’t need to try to include keywords in your domain name

Once you decide to build a personal brand through a blog, the keyword has no meaning. In this case, you need to consider factors such as development strategy, marketing …

In fact, there are many blogs that grow well while domain names have nothing to do with keywords.

Or my own blog, too, a blog guiding skills in building blogs and generating passive income from the internet has a domain name called

So if you decide to build a brand for yourself (or for your own blog), I recommend that you simply select the domain name to ensure the following:

  • The function contains a meaning
  • Easy to remember, easy to pronounce
  • Short (less than 3 words and under 12 characters)
  • Scalable in the future
  • It is possible to expand in series.

For now, right below I will continue to share with you about 6 great techniques to choose a domain name that aims to highlight the brand for your blog.

The following methods of choosing a domain name for a brand-name blog can help you figure out how to have a proper brand name and domain name and achieve media effectiveness and impress readers.


(6 ways to choose this domain name I refer to a number of different sources)


With this naming method you will have the advantage of not having to explain the meaning of the name (because everyone who looks at it already knows), and take advantage of available associations (if any) of the reader.

Apple, Visa, … use this naming method.

For example: Discovery Channel will be linked to “good health”, Visa is related to “cross-country” (so Visa becomes the most commonly used international payment card today) …

Words like beauty, travel, … are such words, you just need to add .com, .info, .blog or .club extensions …


We are quite familiar with popular brand names like IBM, BMW, KFC, GM, GE …

The advantage of this naming is short. However, the limitation is the need to explain the meaning in the communication process, the domain name in this way is difficult to show the difference.

In addition, this group of names gives little emotion to users, is difficult to remember and requires a great communication effort.


This is a popular method used by many brands, such as Powerpoint, Fedex, Citybank, …

The advantage of this group of names is that it is short, easy to remember, brings its own color and creates better feelings for customers. This naming method is commonly used and effective in some industries such as banks (using the “bank” suffix) and technology (coupled with “tech”), education (coupled with “edu”). , household appliances (with “house” or “home”, like Sunhouse) …


If you want to have a completely different name from all competitors, you can use the naming of brands, such as: Kodak, Yahoo, Google, Oreo, Xerox, Mozilla, Alexa …

The biggest advantage of this method is its high protection ability and favorable domain name registration. Of course its price is demanding more investment in communication both in money and time.

This naming is also very challenging for creative people.


Private names may be names of people or place names. If it is the name of a person, it is usually the name of the founder, such as Walt Disney, Wendy’s, IKA Old man … The name of a geographical indication is often associated with famous places of the product category or brand name establish.

A global brand, IKEA, also uses this naming scheme by combining the first letter in the name of Swedish founder Ingvar Kamprad and the acronym for the village he grew up Elmtaryd Agunnaryd – into IKEA.


This is one of the naming techniques to create a unique, disruptive way. Of course, this method requires compatibility between the vision, mission and the value of the brand with that metaphor and it takes time to communicate.

Amazon is the name of the world’s largest river. So Jeff Bezos (founder) took the name Amazon with the vision of becoming the world’s largest e-commerce brand. The Amazon logo has an A to Z arrow indicating the ambition to make Amazon not only the “largest bookstore in the world” but the “largest department store in the world”.

For example: … is such a naming method.


In short, there will not be a fixed rule in choosing a domain name for a blog. Basically, you need to consider the factors of development strategy, marketing plan … Individual Ngoc always puts short, easy to remember and pronounceable elements and contains a meaning behind the domain name to the top. Because once the reader understands the meaning, they will remember you, remember the blog for a long time.

The process of building a blog is like “building a house.” Therefore, choosing the domain name may be the first “bricks”. So if you do not want to correct the mistake (in fact many blogs have changed domain names), then choose the right word “brick” first – that brick is the domain name for the blog and also the brand name yours!