It is very frustrating because when choosing the domain name for the blog as well as the type of preparation for naming your child, so that it does not fall into the A (the first letter in the alphabet) is easy to call her. It’s not a bad thing (personal experience).

Be sure to give it a go and try hard to teach children to study well!

Here is my real example, that is the thought (now it is interesting to say) when I named my daughter.

When you start a new blog, you will probably spend a lot of time thinking and choosing a name (choosing a domain name for your blog) so that it can be remembered, Have to reflect on what this blog says and what it really means…


There will not be a specific guide so you can choose the right one, every blogger will eventually choose a name. It depends on the individual, sometimes depending on luck. There are very famous blogs with content/products that make the whole world go crazy but the name is so weird. Apple is a testament.

However, there are some principles you can refer to below to choose a name for your blog; if applicable good you will probably choose the right domain name as it really affects what people think and feels about your blog.


One way that a lot of people apply when buying a domain name for a blog is to identify the right blog and keywords to achieve high rankings on Google and other search engines.

For example, if your blog has a goal of making money online targeting keywords like “making money online“, then owning a domain name like will be an advantage. When you look at this domain, people will know what your blog is about, and of course, Google will put this domain in the high ranking in the search.

However, nowadays, these domain names are not easy to buy, so I recommend that if you are lucky enough to find this type of domain name, do not hesitate to buy it. You can use to do blog immediately for yourself if not to later sell the profits … buy a host, domain, computer to another blog for example.

Example of a domain name tagged


This is the option that I set for, after nearly a week looking for the domain associated with the keyword but no longer or too high prices. Finally, I chose it because:
* It is meaningful and consistent with the long-term strategy: For want to assert it is my blog guide knowledge of professional blogging skills, make money online.
* It also contributes to personal branding: It has my name (Nhuong) on it, with the hope of highlighting the crowd and letting everyone remember the owner of the blog.

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Internet users have a habit of asking Google questions to solve a problem so you can choose to buy the domain in question form and build blog content that suits the question. It is also very good.

This type of domain is easy to remember, traffic is quite high you see Danielle named fashion blog


As mentioned above Apple is the most valuable company today, a technology company but their domain name is Apple. It comes in a strange way, unrelated to each other. But behind that name is a story.

You have to really pay for the domain name this way if you are really confident and it fits in with your brand and your long-term development strategy.

Choosing a domain name for a blog like naming a child that, good name, is also very beneficial but caring, nurturing it to grow well is a more important journey?

Ask your friends or research the same domain to see how they choose domain names and try to analyze why they do so. Then apply for your blog.

I am sure each of you will have the experience to choose your own domain name best, and I look forward to receiving your share in the comment below.