Select a theme for your blog? The question is not new, but it will never be old. There are too many posts to answer this question.

But I still decided to write one for this question, because if you choose the wrong topic then your blog will not grow forever, it will take you time, effort, money… then discouraged. , then you will scream: From this never mention the word BLOG in front of me again!

Then how not to put a foot on that failure? Want to choose a good topic for the blog and come one day it helps you earn money then you should look at the following four elements:

Choose a theme for the blog, look back on yourself, look at your competitors, look at the market, and look at … the next 12 months!


You may be the one who likes all things, but in the end what is your favorite thing? Choose what you can write it on your blog easily. What is the theme you feel most confident in talking to people around you? Do not choose the topic that when sitting down to write you have to scratch your head because you do not know what to write.

When the subject you write comes from passion, it does not just work, you’re writing because you love it, it’s voluntary. Not someone paying the rent you write. Do not worry if I write anything that interests me? Rest assured that if you love something, there are millions of people out there like you, so make millions of people out there worth the money you bring.

What are you passionate about most?

If you do not like anything or everything just know a little bit, no one out of corn, but still want to build a blog to make money? This is the question that will have you encountered. Do not worry, keep reading this.


I propose a 10-3-3 rule. Once you have chosen a topic, drill down on building and blogging. Look for 10 blogs with the same theme, then choose the top 3 blogs and spend 3 days to “wandering” on those 3 blogs to see what they are doing. How do they write, how to implement the topic, attract readers … how? Do not forget to study how they and their readers communicate, interact with each other. Record all that you “lookup”, they do well at what point? Are there any gaps in that area that you discovered?

If the topic you are writing is not available, or fewer writers then the opportunity to push the keyword related to the topic to the top of Google is relatively easy. But if you rewrite what your competitors are writing, chances are slim, do not repeat or copy, because they have done before you, have been ranked by search engines.

So observing and analyzing the opponent to find the gap is vital, if you can not do something new, do better by focusing more.

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Use Google’s keyword planner to test keywords related to topics with high search volume. Your keyword has a high number of searches, the chances of many people visiting your blog are very high IF you can push that keyword to the Google search engine ranking.

Using Google Trends to test market trends, Google Trend helps you predict where the topic will go up or down.


Today you choose that topic, but in the next 12 months, will you write the topic on a regular basis? A blog will die slowly if it gradually does not have new posts often.

I have an experience that when visiting a blog, I always check the latest posts how long the time I am visiting? If the distance is 2 months then I rarely stay in that blog for more than 2 minutes and often do not see the other posts. Simply because blogs are not updated regularly, or blog owners have gone … to sell salt.

In the beginning, you can choose a narrow subject, and focus on it. For example, you can start with the topic of the guide, evaluate “fixed-gear bike” then by the time you expand the accessories of fixed gear or other sports bikes. Extend the topic and keep your blog content up-to-date, either by your writing or by building collaborators as guest bloggers.

Go back to the question above: So if you do not like anything or everything just knows a little, no soul, but still, want to build a professional blog to make money?

I dare say no one does not like anything. As long as you want to have a blog is enough, you will find out what you most passionate about to identify the topic for the blog. When I first started blogging I did not know what topic to choose, because I knew photography, using graphics software, had little writing skills, knew a bit about website building skills, little business experience anymore … nothing that soul. But finally, I chose the topic of making money by directing people to make money blog.

Because more or less all the things I know help me in this job. It is important that I find out and know how to integrate all that is not into something here.


I know that you will have different ways to choose the theme for your blog. Leave a comment below. Do not forget to like or +1 or share this article if you really find it useful.