Dear donors, friends, and readers:

– Currently, I am going through a very difficult process of living, in the time of learning and learning to create a blog “guide people to make money through blogging” to help people and even I earn. a small amount to cover life. It is very difficult to get started.

– Right now, I really need donors, members and readers to donate a small amount to me so that I can spend all my time learning and sharing useful knowledge to complete. Better.

+ I am helpless because of lack of funds, the difficulties that I have gone through a lot.
+ I have temporarily stopped posting articles and psychologically not focused during this time but now I am back.

With limited funds, I can not do everything well for readers. So, I decided to write this letter to appeal to readers and supporters to support me to build more effective articles! I do not know what to say anymore, today I go back to the site, looking at it growing day but I was really sad to think of my own life in the present.
The interest of readers has made me feel very touched, I hope I can spend all my time to learn and share with people from the funds that people can help me.
Thank you for the time I have supported you, I am really happy that people are always with me.
Any comments or suggestions, please follow the link below:

Account name: LUONG BA NHUONG
Bank name: Bank for Foreign Trade of Vietnam
Swift code: BFTVVNVX
Account number: 0071005364416