The blogging world is rich and rich, but without effective SEO algorithms, readers are also finding it difficult to read and reduce the rate of return on blogs. Your site will not rank high on Google, even if your content is top quality. Search engine optimization can be within anyone’s reach but it will take a certain amount of time and expertise to optimize the SEO capabilities of your blog.

Here are some effective SEO tips that bloggers need to know to reach the fastest readership.

1. Branding: Link your blog to social networking sites

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Having a website is not enough to reach an online audience. Google has changed the search algorithm that prioritizes the information from social networking sites because these are the pages where information is updated regularly and continuously. So, when readers enter search terms, your social networking site will likely be ranked higher. So, having a blog related to social networking accounts will attract google’s crawlers and boost your blog’s ranking in the search engines.

However, once you’ve created a social media account that you do not use, your search rankings on Google will be reduced. So, make sure you update your blog content and content on regular social networking sites.

2. Name the article image

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The image is also a very important information channel in the blog post next to the text channel. But Google’s crawl browser cannot read image information unless you name it. Therefore, for your SEO algorithm to be effective remember to name the image suitable for the article content when uploaded to the blog.

3. Invest in the title of the article

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The title of the article is very important, Google is like your readers will read the first title then the content is detailed. That means you need to invest heavily in building the title. The best way to make your blog posts effective is to put yourself in the position of searchers to see what content relevant to your article they may want to search. And the question or answer that searchers need to make headlines is how to get your blog to rank high on Google.

The tags related to the title of your article are also very important for effective SEO. Remember to put a few tags related to article titles so that Google easily crawls your blog.

4. Present easy-to-understand content

The blogger should write long articles with easy-to-understand words that do not overwrite the reader’s literary or literary works. You only need to address the important issues in the article, but still, create the interaction with the reader to attract comments. However, in order for a long article to be appreciated by Google, you need to keep the text easy to read using short sentences. A valuable article for readers and search engines is an interesting long text, with some striking text and a few links. To make sure your posts get high rankings on Google check out SEO before posting by the free SEO tools.

5. Adjust the article Permalinks on the Blog

Permalink is a feature of WordPress that helps us optimize the site’s address. A friendly URL, reminiscent of the search engines, will make it easier for users and search engines to visualize what your site is about. Therefore, the brief permalinks will help traffic on your blog is enhanced. This can be done in two ways: adjusting the permalinks from the blog’s settings or adjusting directly before each permalink before publishing. When you do this, keep the link short, relevant and try to include the main keyword in it.

6. Structure of the card by Heading (H)

For readers, you use paragraphs, punctuation to structure the content to help readers easily follow. But with the crawler, the main Google Heading tag reads what your blog posts are about. Tag Heading is an important factor in optimizing the website. Heading cards of H1, H2 – H5 or more. The importance of the H tag decreases from H1 to H2, H3, … Since H1 is the first element read by the crawler. Thus it is usually the title of the article and contains the main keyword. In the H2 tag, the primary keyword should continue to appear and make sure that you have some main keywords and sub-keywords embedded in the H3, H4 to see what your article is targeting. of the searcher.


Make sure you take advantage of all the free SEO tools for a blogger to improve your website’s ranking on the search page.