How to make money with videos on facebook? A trend is neither old nor new on the Internet. Like Youtube, Facebook Ad Breaks is also an advertising distribution program among video content creators. Facebook is the largest social network in the world today, they have more than 2.8 billion users. If you don’t know much about it, start reading this guide.

1. How to join the Facebook Ad Breaks program

If you want to make money with Facebook ads, you first need to create an account on Facebook.

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Create a Facebook account

After creating your account on Facebook, now create a page on facebook. Just remember that when you will try to create a page. It will ask if you want to create a business or brand page or if you want to create a community or public page.

Create a page

After creating the Facebook page, visit the home page of your Facebook page, then click on the publishing tools tab as shown in the picture.

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After publishing tools a new will open, now create in a newly open window on the creator studio.

Now upload your own videos and share your videos with your family, friends, class mats, colleges. You can share your video in facebook groups and facebook pages too. As much you will share your videos, you will get more views on your videos. If viewers like your videos they must follow you for your next video. In this way, the watch time of your videos will also be increased.

Facebook Ad Breaks Condition for Watch Time

As you know YouTube requires 4000 hours watch time and 1000 subscribers to approve Adsense account for you. In the same way, Facebook Ad breaks also require watch time and followers.

According to Facebook’s official page about signing up into Ad breaks:

  1. Videos must be published from a page not profile
  2. You need 10000 followers
  3. You need to watch at least 1 minute for videos of at least 3 minutes
  4. You need 30,000 views a minute in the last 60 days

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In other words, ad breaks say you need at least 30,000 views a minute on your videos. And those videos must be at least 3 minutes long, not a minute or two. I think the purpose of this condition is to take a break from advertising want to know how interesting your video is to viewers.

Taking a break from advertising on Facebook has a number of other conditions, but most of them are related to content and copyright.

Countries eligible for ad breaks

Now it’s also important that your country is eligible to take ad breaks? If your country is not eligible for ad breaks, you will not be able to apply for an ad breaks even if you have met the eligibility criteria of 30,000 minutes and 10,000 followers.

According to the official Facebook information released on March 6, 2019, Facebook launched the Ad Breaks Service in some other counties. After launching the service in several other countries, now, the advertising break has officially launched in the following 43 countries.

2. How can I withdraw money from facebook?

There are two ways to withdraw money from ads. (Facebook may add or delete some ways in the future).

  • Paypal: If you have Paypal enabled, you can withdraw the money you make from Facebook to your account.
  • Bank account: You can also transfer money from Facebook to your bank account.

All you need to do is add your information after you are accepted.

The minimum amount for withdrawal when taking a break from Facebook advertising is 100 USD or more.

Once you have reached the amount, you can easily sign up for a withdrawal on PayPal or a bank account.

Are you making money with Facebook Ad Breaks? How do you think about this? Leave your comments below if you encounter any difficulties. We will discuss this, I look forward to this.