Hello, today I would like to suggest to you a domain name registration and cheap hosting, suitable for beginners.

What is Hostinger?

Hostinger was founded in 2004 and has undergone 14 years of operation.

Hostinger.com is one of the medium-sized web hosting companies and is considered one of the pioneers in the development of hosting infrastructure and hosting services. Hostinger is a recognized member of the ICANN-level domain organization. Hostinger hosting services will be more robust with Web Server technology, SSD, interoperable architecture, acceptable downtime, PHP, MySQL, and Cpanel optimizations. Customized web hosting. Many of the advanced web hosting features that Hostinger offers include: Web hosting with unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth and an unlimited number of websites. However, low cost you can not demand too high quality.

Hostinger Quality Assessment

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How are Hostinger packages?

All of Hostinger’s services are highly competitive and discounted. You can visit Hostinger’s home page at https://hostinger.com

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  • Compared to hosting providers, Hostinger has relatively cheap cost to meet the needs of users. You can experience hosting services at Hostinger to test the quality of service.
  • Hostinger offers a variety of guest packages, which are easy for you to choose, such as Individual, Advanced, Enterprise. In fact, I have chosen Hostinger to register a service package for the website design on the WordPress platform. After registering to buy hosting and successfully activated the order you will receive notification configuration domain for hosting.
  • Various payment support: bank transfer, Credit Card, Paypal …
  • Advanced Web Hosting with PHP, MySQL, Free Domain and Website Builder.
  • Hostinger’s uptime web server is at an acceptable level and reaches 90% with real evidence from the past.

Hostinger interface easy to use

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Hostinger interface is designed to be completely different from the traditional interface of Cpanel 11 or DirectAdmin. In my opinion, Hostinger has a very nice flat-panel interface. The content and layout are arranged very reasonably and smart. I can easily use the first time without any instructions.

Hostinger’s page load speed

Hostinger supports this issue well because their servers and services are everywhere. I tested at Pingdom, which shows a good page load speed and a good 86 points.

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Free SSL support

Hostinger provides a free SSL Let’s Encrypt service. Simply put, this is the https:// protocol. S stands for Security, which makes your data transfer more secure than the usual http://.


One good thing about Hostinger is that it allows you to actively back up your data at any time. Just click the Backup button in the panel and all of your data will be backed up at the same time. Hostinger supports Auto Backup weekly function. If you want to be automatically backed up daily, you must register. If you are an individual user, up source sales or test code, little change of data.

General assessment

Hostinger is a good free hosting service on average. I do not like cheap hosting, but with what Hostinger has done, with the beginner blogging, this is the choice can refer. Low cost compared to the services they provide, but the tradeoff is not too high quality as well as prompt response support if you are a web programmer.

In short, Hostinger is a noteworthy cheap hosting service that you should use because of the following advantages:

  • The price is very affordable for each user.
  • High-speed and high-tech systems guarantee an uptime of up to 90%
  • The policy is user-friendly and fast.

If you need a good hosting and domain service that is cheap for beginners. Consider the Hostinger provider.

Currently there are discounts up to 90%, you quickly register to own.