Moms who make money at home by developing blogs have been trending everywhere in the world. Why are not you?

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This is the first thing I want to affirm. Now, with the growth of the internet, anyone who wants to succeed in business has to think about how to be present on the Internet. Ten years ago Bill Gates (former CEO of Microsoft) said: “In 5-10 years if you do not business online, it is best not to business anymore.”

And now, at the same time, I’m also learning to make money online by doing business online with some products/services so I can learn a few lessons. However, in this article, I will focus on how to make a mother make money at home by blogging.

Of course, the dads can still apply the methods I describe below, blogging makes money apply to everyone but not for anyone. Hopefully, this article will help answer the question: am I fit for an online business? Where should I start and how do I make money through blogging?


Absolutely, I say this because there are so many women who have succeeded in making money online. The word WORKING MOMs or WORKING MOTHER has been popular in recent years. You can check out this at the dedicated business mothers’ website at

Relating to my own experience, a year ago, I and my wife also made money online by selling children’s fashion. I am in charge of the technology to make the website run well, but all things like order processing, customer care … to turn into sales, profits are promoted from her.

Mommy makes money online

Women can both care and business online

That proves that women can completely become a good salesman and earn money on the internet. They are very good at arranging daily tasks, dividing the time when they care for their children, when they are online, and often when orders are coming.

Take a few glances, however:

  • How long do you plan to do online business? Usually, each person will have a starting point and a separate business goal. For example, you only expect to trade online during baby birth or this is the job you will do for a long time. Many mothers are still working in the office and want to do more business to increase their income. That is perfectly reasonable and you can spend an hour every day on the job making money online.
  • Do you have internet skills? Blog writing, website content development? Here are two things to consider before embarking on an online business. Initially, you can use tools such as social networking, forums … for business but in the long run when the work begins to develop you may need a separate online store. At the moment, developing useful content to engage your customers is important to your business.
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  • You can accept failure and reinvest capital: These two things are completely different, accepting failure ie whether you are willing to receive it and restart your business with another product or service. Because business is always risky, there is no guarantee you will be 100% successful. Reinvesting has a more positive meaning, which is when your business is growing, then you need to make sure you spend 20-50% of the money you can invest back to invest in advertising. increase product…


Experience shows that you should start with a blog/website and focus more on content. Do not care too much about the product.

When starting an online business, people will spend a lot of time updating their product, adding more products to their blogs/websites as well as forgetting to provide useful information to customers about the product. It forgets the work of optimizing your website/blog so that users can find you easily on the search engines.

Developing a blog helps you to do this for the simple reason that you need to remember: Do not rush the sale, give the customer good content and then the order will come to you.

Of course, you need to consider the following three factors, before you start:

  • What will you sell? On your blog, how do you sell products/services? Sell your products or sell other people’s products?
  • Who are your customers? What are you targeting? These are mothers, fathers or unmarried women … How do you plan to reach them?
  • Do you have enough information, knowledge about the field you intend to do business? This is a pretty important thing to help your business grow sustainably, what you write on the blog/website? After 12 months you have enough knowledge to write about it?


  • What are you passionate about? Whether you start with a blog or a website about a product or any kind of online business, stick with it if you do not want to give up after a few weeks or months. Online business is also a lot of difficulties, for example, in the middle of the night you will receive calls from customers complaining that their new shoes are not getting the correct size, color is not right on the website … and they love You change, refund. Then childcare takes up too much time in the day, making you tired but instead of having a rest, you have to spend the night writing a blog post to provide more information about the product. for customers. To overcome all these things only the new passion is helping you.
  • But your passion has the potential? This is market analysis. But do not be too worried because if you are passionate about something, there will be millions of people just like you. Your job is to do well by sharing the topic on your blog with a little bit of differentiation and making people who share your passion find you on Google. They will stay with your website/blog if the content, the product is useful for them then they will become your loyal customers.


I offer three types of blogs below that can partly help mothers make money from building and developing a blog. Of course, there are other ways, but these are the most effective ways you can make money in a few months by spending one to three hours each day.

Revealed: The Secrets our Clients Used to Earn $3 Billion


You are raising a child so why not build a child-related blog? For example, evaluate the quality, safety, feel of the product trolley, chair, chairs for children …

How do moms make money at home by writing product reviews blogs?

You share the content of the product on the blog, with personal experience, tracking, and evaluation of new product lines … Content over time will gradually attract more people interested in the product. Google will also appreciate your blog and put you on top of search with relevant keywords. You will earn money through:

  • Sales registrations enjoy Amazon or other affiliate marketing networks. For example, if you are evaluating a new dining chair that is being marketed then linking to a product that is being sold at Amazon, the customer trusts your review and then buys the product, you will receive the cash. pink. Sometimes they buy more products and so your commission will increase.
  • Ads Google Adsense, you can place Google ads on the blog and when customers visit they can click on those ads. You get money through Google’s Adsense program, the more your blog receives the greater the amount of money you receive.
  • Ads from manufacturers, if your blogs evaluate your product reaches a high level of growth. Then the makers of trolleys, chairs … will find you to “ask” to place ads, of course at that time you will sell “space” on the blog so they “hang” the ads and you will earn get the money.

Mommy makes money online

Take an example of the mother-to-be-paid-at-home mom’s product evaluation blog template: and


This is a blog that takes a lot of work and needs to update regularly. You like to cook or like to travel … then you build a blog to share your experiences on it. This blog focuses on sharing the experience you have, so it is easy to write because you do not spend much time researching, learning. If you are a mother raising children, sharing knowledge, experience in childcare, handling situations encountered … in the journey to grow up is also a very appropriate topic.

This type of blog is very natural because you are yourself, you share the things from your heart to the reader, if done well, you will build your own brand on the internet very quickly. Followers of this type of blog are usually very loyal because they share the same interests and interests as you. For example, if you are passionate about traveling and regularly sharing your travel experiences on your blog, your readers will follow you and sometimes they will need you to consult around destinations, travel skills …

How to make money from this blog?

This type of blog is often not suitable for developing an email list to sell products through affiliate marketing. Of course, you can still do for example you recommend the tour for companies and receive commissions. This blog usually makes money by publishing books related to your blog topic.

The cost to build this blog will be very low cost because you do not need to invest in the product. The total cost to build a blog for this type of a year is about $ 39 and if your content is good after 2 to 3 months you start earning money through blogging methods.


This is the type of blog that I’m pursuing. In this type of blog you can also narrow down the subject (niche), but you must have a lot of knowledge on that topic. For example, you guide people on how to make money on blogs, blogs specializing in online marketing … See the girl Gabi Gregg build blog tutorial mix for those who are overweight.

How to make money for this type of blog?

This is the type of blog that can incorporate many different ways of making money such as affiliate marketing, product sales, display advertising … Once the content on your blog is enough to attract the number of visitors. big and high search engine rankings, you will not spend too much time on blogging this way too. Of course, to achieve this, you need to develop a consistent amount of regular visitors and remind them of their email marketing tools.

For this blog to grow well you also need to connect with other bloggers on the same topic to expand the relationship and build a community in the field you are pursuing.


If you are a woman and you like to shop online then surely you are always looking for promotions, discount codes to help save more right?

Then why not create a blog that shares those discount codes with other people who are also in need of savings in the same way you do. By sharing the discount code you will easily get a commission by applying that affiliate marketing technique.

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Oh, the article has been pretty long already! Here are my sharings related to how to make a mother make money at home by developing blogs. If you want to share anything more, do not hesitate to leave a comment below.

You can also share this article with a friend or mother you know so they can apply.