Hello, Jack here.

As you know, making a website is no longer as difficult as it used to be, no need to know code, programming, design, … to create a website. Just read this article, a bit of skill is that you already have a website for yourself – just 30 minutes.

To do this you need to prepare:

  • A Visa / Master card with international payment function and of course money, about $ 49 (if you have a PayPal account you can also use).
  • An email address to get the account to receive information from the provider after registration.
Note: The installation of a WordPress blog is very simple, but what is more important is how to DEVELOP the blog, this is the factor that makes your success. So I have created a very full blog development plan that you can download for future use.

=> Download the most successful blog development HERE.


I will guide you to register domain name and hosting at HawkHost, this is a hosting service with excellent quality, HawkHost is one of the few hosting services with Datacenter (server) located in Dallas TX, New York City, Los Angeles CA, Toronto, Amsterdam, Singapore, and Hong Kong should be very fast speed in addition to this hosting service you will eliminate the problem of frequent cable break occur now.

HawkHost also supports Memcached to help speed up the website a lot. Also, you can enable SSL for free with Let’s Encrypt right in cPanel, very simple.

Register now a domain and hosting to start the experience offline.

At the HawkHost homepage, hover your cursor over All Productions -> Shared


Currently, HawkHost offers you two hosting packages, Primary and Professional.

How do I add a blog to my WordPress website nhuongblog

The only difference in these two packages is that they limit the storage capacity with the Primary package to 10 GB. The Professional package is not limited to anything.

But with 10GB of storage, I guarantee that you use a website/blog that will not be able to run out.

Click the SIGN UP NOW button on the package you wish to register.

How do I manually install WordPress

In the Choose a Domain step, HawkHost will ask you to select the domain name for the hosting package. If you do not have a domain name, then I recommend you to select the right domain name Register a new domain name here always. I recommend new, not have the domain name should choose this option right away because it will save time, technical operations that are not expensive at all.

If you already have a domain name from another provider, you can select:

  • Transfer your domain from another registrar (Transfer registered domain to Hawkhost)
  • I will use my existing domain and update my nameservers (using domain names in other providers and will update nameservers)

After entering the domain name, select the extension (.COM /. NET / .ORG …) click Check to check if the domain can be registered.

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If you get the same message as the domain name can register. Click Continue to the next step.

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In the next step, you need to select the time to register the hosting package, select Datacenter.

You should also register for a period of 12 months or more, so after applying the coupon discount will save the most.

Click Continue to continue to the Review & Checkout page

Complete your hosting registration nhuongblog

In this step, if you need to register a domain name registration service ($ 3 / year), select ID Protection, then click Continue.

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On the review page, you can easily edit the information of hosting if necessary, just click Edit.

Here, do not forget to enter the code HawkHost50 in the Apply Promo Code box and click Validate Code to be reduced by 40%.

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Note: This discount code only drops for the first bill so the best you should buy with 2 or 3 years’ time will save the most!

Click Checkout to get to the billing page.

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log in wordpress site nhuongblog

(You can choose to pay by PayPal …)

Click Complete Order to proceed with the payment!

The payment process will take place in a few minutes and if there is no problem with your payment card, then you can go to https://my.hawkhost.com/clientarea.php and log in with Email and Password that you created at the above host registration step.

After a successful login, you select Services -> My Services.

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You will see that the hosting package is in Pending status. With HawkHost, they will review and activate the service for you manually, with a maximum of 1 to 2 hours on weekends. The usual days I see after 30 minutes hosting package will be activated.

*** If you would like to request them to activate earlier, you can see how to open the Ticket below.

To open ticket you need to select the Open Ticket menu

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Then enter the subject line: Please activate my hosting service.

Content: (can be copied below to use)


I just signed up for Hawkhost hosting services. My invoice number: 600975 (remember to change your invoice number, look in the email will have)

Please enable the services to help me.

Thank you for your support!

Click Submit to send the ticket.

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WordPress blog installation guide

Successful ticket notification.

wordpress lo nhuongblog

Soon you will receive an email as shown below.

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Now relax a little cafe!

About a while later you will receive an email from their staff with the message that the hosting package has been activated and can be used.

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So you have registered hosting, domain name successfully!

When the hosting package is activated, you will receive 3 emails as shown below.

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  • New Account Infomation is an email containing all information related to your hosting package (username, a password for access to cPanel, FTP connection, Nameserver address …)
  • IMPORTANT! Verify your contact information… is an email asking you to confirm and activate the domain. Open this email and click on the link in the email to activate the domain!

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Click on the link to verify domain name information.

Once activated, you will receive a confirmation of successful domain information as shown below.WordPress blog installation guide

Verify successful domain

Now when accessing customer accounts on Hawkhost (https://my.hawkhost.com/clientarea.php) select Sevices -> My Services.

You will see the hosting package has been activated completely.

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To identify websites that use the SSL protocol, just check the URL in the browser bar: If this is [https: // …] then this is the website that uses the SSL certificate.

SSL or HTTPS in 2017 will be the standard protocol, as browsers are making improvements to make it easy for users to distinguish which websites are secure. Even Google places a priority on search results with sites that use SSL. This means that if your website/blog is using the SSL protocol, it will have better SEO rankings.

When using hosting at HawkHost you can completely install the free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt instead of having to buy for $ 15 (save extra money).

Now first log in to your HawkHost account at the following link: https://my.hawkhost.com/clientarea.php

After successful login, you select Services -> My Services.

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In the domain line that you want to enable SSL click on the green button with the word Active.

On the new page you drag down the bottom, click on the cPanel icon.

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Go to the SECURITY section and click on the SSL / TLS Status icon.

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Click on the button “Run AutoSSL

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So you have successfully activated the SSL protocol for your domain. Congratulation! Just one more step you will see your blog on the internet!


This process will take about 5 minutes! Really!

Stay in cPanel, drag down the bottom you will see the WordPress source code icon at first.

Please click on it!

Next page, click the Install button to proceed with the installation.

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Next page, click the Install button to proceed with the installation.

WordPress blog installation guide

Now you need to set some basic information for your blog.

In Software Setup

  • Choose Protocol: Since you have enabled SSL in the previous step, you will need to select the https: // protocol.
  • Choose Domain: Hosted domain name has been entered for you
  • In Directory: Clear all and leave blank

In the Site Settings section

  • Site Name: Enter the name of the blog
  • Site Description: Enter a description of your blog (Slogan)

Now go to Admin Account:

  • Username: Enter the administrator login name
  • Password: Enter a password
  • Email: You can leave the default or enter your personal email

WordPress blog installation guide

Select Plugins

  • Limit Login Attempts (Loginizer): This is a plugin that helps to secure your blog by limiting the number of false logins on the site. (You should select this option!)

WordPress blog installation guide

Under Advanced Options

By default, then select the Three Auto Upgrade items as shown below to automatically update the WordPress version as well as plugins, new themes when available.

WordPress blog installation guide

In the Select Theme

  • You can choose a theme for your blog. If you do not want you can also ignore it. Because you can completely customize the interface from the admin page after you have successfully installed WordPress
  • Enter an email address in Email Installation details to  The login information after installation will be sent to this email. (You can use Gmail address)
  • Click the Install button to proceed with the installation of WordPress

Ok, now the installation process will take place in about 30 seconds!

You will then receive a successful installation message as shown below.

  • You will see the link to the blog (which is your domain name).
  • And a link to the admin page of the form (https://yourname.com/wp-admin)

WordPress blog installation guide

Click on the first link you will see the home page like this, you also see the https:// is set to display.

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Click on the second link (https://yourname/wp-admin) and you will be taken to the admin login page

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Enter the login name and password you created in the above settings, click the login button. Immediately you will be logged into the web administration interface as below!

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OK, you have successfully installed the website then. Now you can be proud that: I have manually created a website/blog for my own offline.

Register now a domain and hosting to start the experience offline.

So, with the instructions to install this WordPress blog I hope you will be doing it simple and easy.