How to use images on WordPress effectively, where to get images from? … that is the content of this article. I will share with you how to find a picture quality best, completely free, suitable for each use.

Use pictures on WordPress blog

As you know more pictures on the website or blog not only increase the lively posts but also help increase the rankings of the website/blog on the search engines.

According to a report from Google today, the number of people searching for images is increasing, and if you often use images on a WordPress blog, then the chances of users searching for images and accessing your blog are very high.

With 2 ways I will share right below not only will you get the best images to illustrate the article but also help prevent photocopy.

At the end of the article, I also share with you an additional tip for SEO images on the search engines, as well as on social networking in the best way.


Usually, to search for a picture, our habit is to Google and search for related keywords then take the picture and insert into the article. However, you know that most of the images on Google are copyrighted images. So you accidentally violated the image usage policy, it greatly affected the SEO image on the search engines.

Secondly, you design the image yourself (for example in Photoshop) but if you do not know how to optimize it for the right purpose then you are almost wasting your own effort.

So why not use the free tool below


Canva is an excellent online photo design tool that you can use, follow the video below and you will have a free picture in under 2 minutes.

Canva allows you to choose from a variety of image sizes for each purpose. For example, if you need to share the image on Facebook Canva provides 1200 x 628 size or Google + will be 1240 x 700 … Then edit the text on the image easily, downloaded to the quality High to use on WordPress blogs or wherever you want.

Canva has more paid packages to choose from, but the experience I use free packages is enough.


If you know how to use photo editing tools like Photoshop … and you simply need a high-quality image to use on your WordPress blog then do not skip

Here they give you over 354 million free pictures with high quality, you just enter keywords then can search in tones, download and customize your own before using. Very handy and also very free.

Tips for optimizing images: When using images on the WordPress blog, make sure you have installed the plugin WP Smush. This is a plugin that automatically compresses the image when you put in the article content to help download speed of the blog. improve. Also to improve your article rankings on the search engine do not forget to put the main keyword in the image name (Title Image), Alt description tags in detail.

To prevent image duplication you can use the Watermark RELOADED plugin to stamp the signature on the image. This is a very effective way to get rid of your image and use it indiscriminately.


Here is how to use the image on the WordPress blog that I usually apply, you can also do the same and notice the change effect in a very short time. If you want to improve your blog rank, never write an article without using at least 1 image, that is the sincere advice from me.

You have some way of using your own images in the article, do not forget to share with me and everyone in the comments below!