Social networking has changed the game with those who are doing marketing and also make the blogger to pay attention! Sometimes headaches. Blog blogging is no longer effective if you do not know how to connect your blog to social networks most effectively.

How to use social networking effectively

Understanding how social networking works will not only help you spread the message better but also help attract more visitors to your website/blog.

Have you ever wondered what the image size is so that when sharing to Facebook will show the best? For YouTube, which date or time most people watch a video or Instagram usually display the best image with how much size?

To help you answer the above questions, I will share with you an in-depth infographic on how to use images as well as videos and some information on the four most-used social networks today, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest, and Instagram.

In the infographic, you will find information such as:

  • Specific video image sizes for each social network
  • Date, the best time to share your content
  • Some tips for using your social network more effectively

How to use social networking effectively

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