When you own a website or blog, it’s important to optimize it with search engines, also known as Search Engine Optimization (SEO). SEO for blogs is the work of making your website/blogs more search engine friendly, thereby improving the ranking so that users easily search for relevant keywords.

If so then before building a blog for yourself you need to go to school to learn SEO already? No, that’s not entirely true. If your goal is to have a blog, you go to create your blog, do not hurry to find out what SEO to do. This is what I want to say to you, because if you are too important SEO problems. “Inspirational” your blog will be “squeeze” then you again become an SEO expert before becoming a hot blogger.

Of course, after the day you have a blog then learn more about SEO is necessary because your blog needs to be “pushed up” search top to reach readers. You are a monologue, self-writing, so it is boring so much ???

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In the limit of this article, I will share with you some basic tips so that you do not need to be an SEO expert can still put your blog on the top search with the keywords you aim for. Note that I have not and never learned about SEO, all the knowledge I am about to share is drawn from the experience itself plus the tinkering learn more in the process of developing the blog.

If you are not an SEO expert but want to develop a blog, then I note the following 3 bullet points before you go into each of the tips to increase your blog’s ranking:

  • Choose a topic you like most and start writing do not hesitate
  • Write in the most natural way, do not pay attention to SEO, it is calculated later
  • Content is king, do not write yourself

Ok, now let’s say you have a blog running on WordPress with a few posts then get started on some tips:


One thing that bloggers often confuse is to focus on the SEO techniques that focus on the keyword top search, but whether it is on the top that the reader does not click in does not have much value. Search engines have algorithms that judge that your blog content is not good if the clickthrough rate (CTR) is low. As a result, your ranking will gradually go down and vice versa. If your blog is ranked low but has a high click-through rate, your ranking will gradually increase.

So write a fascinating title for the article, but attractive is not synonymous with the type of headline or hype and content posts do not eat anything. Nowadays most of the readers have a habit of just reading the title, so if your title is compelling, convince the reader to click on it, you’ve initially “taken” them to read the article.

The type of headline you can apply is using numbers, question type headings, curious title headings or headlines directed to the target audience.

For example, when I plan to write articles about SEO for bloggers, the title is usually written as:

  • 5 Secrets of SEO that every blogger should know
  • Are all bloggers needing to become SEO experts?
  • SEO Content Guide for those who are blogging

Have a note too, write the description in the meta tag really meaningful, attractive. This descriptive tag usually falls below the title in the search results, which plays a role in attracting readers. Doing these 2 things means you have increased click volume and hence increased ranking for the blog.

Are bloggers becoming SEO experts?

If you are using WordPress to blog, please install the SEO plugin by Yoast to optimize the article title, meta tag.



If you notice, I also use at least one illustrated image. Two articles with two equal quality content, but the article does have images that article will be more appreciated by Google. So when writing articles you should attach the image, this has a great significance in SEO, not only that it also makes your article difficult to copy… Usually, the “copy knights” are very lazy people so if your content is tied to the image then the knight is afraid it is very time-consuming.

Note that when you use the image you never forget the Alt tag. The Alt tag informs search engines about the content of the image. When you use an image to link to a particular post, the alt tag of the image that will serve as the keyword.

Use Alt tags to enhance SEO for posts


When writing the mentality of quite a few bloggers are afraid to point links to other blogs, because they are afraid of increasing the rankings of competitors and lead their readers to those blogs. This is completely wrong, you put the appropriate link to the blog credible. It is not only appreciated by search engine algorithms but also by the reader. They will judge you like not only your own but also other blogs. In addition, the reader feels that you have spent a lot of time researching so you know so much information.

Remember to point your links to good quality blogs, which will give you the opportunity to meet other bloggers in the same field. A good blog should link to high-quality blogs.


This is a great way to build backlinks to your blog. You should search for good quality blogs and post them as guest blogging. is a guest). The backlink of this type is often very good quality, its effect is to “lead” the Googlebot (the robot identifies the site for crawling, indexing posts) on your blog. It also helps to attract more traffic to your blog.

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Also, you can build backlinks by leaving comments on the posts of other bloggers. However, leave comments on the quality. Do not comment like “Thank you for the very good article” “The article is very meaningful”

Another good advice is never to pay for poor quality backlinks, backlinks at backlinks, and so forth. These backlinks are just damaging to your SEO work. Google is not fooling us, never intended to cheat Google.


Write long articles, Google algorithms always appreciate long articles with in-depth content. I want to emphasize the long content here is completely different from the rampant content. Long articles must reflect your intensive investment, research, and distillation, which means the prestige of the article up.

If you can not write long content then there is a way to write the reader to leave comments. Opinions of readers not only help content longer but it also proves your blog has high traffic. Through the comments of readers, you will get more ideas, related keywords to develop the following article better.

Here are my tips for you, a blogger, apply the above to SEO for your blog, gradually you will see improved blog ranking. If you have any questions or would like to share something leave a comment below.