Once you’ve made the commitment to make money online with confidence, perseverance, and a few tricks, it may not be enough. You need to be aware of the rules of the competition, especially if you are making money online through content marketing on your blog. If properly optimized, content marketing will bring you high rankings plus great traffic, then convert into profits through a number of methods and tools.

Here are five “rules” that bloggers need to adhere to:


Good content is the first thing you need to follow when blogging, you have to choose the content (or topic) that you feel most confident when starting a blog. If you do not like fashion, do not care about dress trends and do not care about how to dress appropriately, then do not choose fashion content to develop your blog. This can only cost you a lot of time or make yourself difficult.

In a blog you should not embrace too much content, you will not have much time to develop many articles for all topics. If it is developed then certainly not deep, the article will be as superficial as the writing style.

Readers will immediately recognize that they have seen something like this somewhere and there is no reason to reread and then do not expect them to return to your blog. Since your blog will not have visitors, so the ranking on the search engines declines, the more you have no guest, no visitors, how to make money through advertising, selling products … This is the vicious circle that the reason is that you did not comply with the content law.

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Make money on the blog also need to obey the law


Blogging is about helping you solve a problem for a group of readers. When you find a problem in life and use the blog to solve that problem through your knowledge you are helping others. It is the most effective way to build loyal readers to your blog. For example, if you find a problem, thin people (like me) find it difficult to buy clothes, and sometimes do not know what type of makeup to look at. If you build a fashion blog that specializes in lean people with in-depth articles, I will be your regular reader (I promise).

With so much content available on the internet, it is difficult to find a problem in a short time, but have an experience that you find the top 5 blogs in that field and the See what they are doing. Then find a niche for you to write more intensive, solve that problem more focused, in the end, you will be best for compliance with the law to solve the problem.


After a hard time writing, if you keep from week to week, month after month and year after year, although hard work but do not create any PRO do not expect to have the opportunity Make money through blogs. Sometimes you have to stop, to concentrate research, invest in a PROFESSIONAL ARTICLE. It must create attraction to your readers, so they have to seek immediate sharing when reading it, if they make a frenzy then what is it? Like the singer, sing forever only see the age without seeing the name, accidentally “picked up” where a song with the voice, the style is famous.

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But one article may not be enough, then you have to make a series of articles if not really professional, it must also be “readable”. But I am sure that after the day you find that professional, you will learn a lot of experience. At that point, you will know why it is professional? Why does it attract the reader? … then you follow those conclusions that do.


This law requires a little technical skill. It includes the knowledge to optimize your blog to be friendlier to the search engines and for sure if you do not comply then it is difficult to make money online. Never go copy the paste and paste into your blog, this is dark, write yourself. At first, it may or may not be deep but gradually will be medium or deep. The search engines know that the article has been written somewhere, do not expect to fool it with copy/paste.

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There is one injustice that I realize is that even if you write your own and very good but maybe your rankings are not high on the search engines because you have not referred to the “SEO law”. Take a moment to find out, it will be very helpful and not difficult to just know the basic knowledge plus the process of learning experience you will do.


Make professional blogs with the goal of making money online just like you are doing a business project. You will have to invest in it, be it money, time or effort and what you want is the return on investment.

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If you want this rate to be high then you will have to set prices for the products you want to sell, the price must match your reader. Remember that with blogs, readers are the people who help you make money, sometimes they can directly pay you (for example, you advise them), but sometimes google pay for you… Make sure you value your products to suit your readers. That is the product they have to accept. Remember that readers are the first to come and the money will come later.

Which law bloggers should adhere to when making money online I have not mentioned yet? Please leave a comment below for us to discuss it offline.