MyThemeShop Review: Full ecosystem for WordPress users

MyThemeShop Review: Full ecosystem for WordPress users

MyThemeShop is a company that provides themes/plugins that are familiar to us, who are using WordPress every day. Founded in 2012, but now MyThemeShop owns many theme plugins dedicated to WordPress (including paid and free).


Why do I call this an ecosystem for WordPress users? With over 530,000 customers and a huge community, MyThemeShop is slowly becoming a popular WordPress theme provider.

Not only do we offer premium products, but they also allow us to access and use the free but extremely good quality products.

Just sign up for a free one at MyThemeShop and you’ll be able to download and start using a variety of free themes/plugins.

Mythemeshop review

In terms of quality, I evaluate MyThemeShop products running very lightly, for fast loading speed, beautiful design, full support for latest technology and are compatible with web standards such as Responsive, HTML5, CSS3 …

The plugins are also very diverse, fully meet the needs of customers.

Let’s go through some elements!


MyThemeShop divides theme products into 4 lines with separate functions such as Blog, Magazine or eCommerce, business. The entire theme of MyThemeShop is optimized with the advanced features of WordPress such as:

  • Theme 2 columns
  • Theme 3 columns
  • Theme optimized for sites running Adsense ads, themes for Authority Site, Coupon …
  • Full Width, HTML5 / CSS3 optimized, responsive (mobile optimized) …

In addition, the product development team works very well, they are always quick to produce products that meet the taste of the user. When they noticed the need for themes for discount code share sites, immediately a Coupon Theme was launched with all the great functions.

mythemeshop review

As a theme, the Mythemeshop plugin is full of features. Popular plugins that are highly rated by the community include:

  • WP Contact Widget
  • WP Google Translate
  • WP Notification Bar
  • WP Testimonials
  • WP Subscribe Pro
  • WP Review Pro
  • WP Mega Menu
  • URL Shortener


It must be said that when using the product of MyThemeShop you almost never worry about installation problems. All theme related settings are neatly integrated into a single panel.

The installation is extremely intuitive and your job is just to click, click and click. When you encounter any problems you can also be supported from their own forum.

mythemeshop review

The biggest impression is the Mythemeshop’s extremely intuitive theme palette, after uploading the Zip file and activating the theme just go to Appearance -> Theme Options.

Here you can manipulate things like home page settings, article display settings, widgets, Google Analytics code, or place ads in articles…

Generally speaking, the settings are extremely intuitive for anyone who has never set up a theme before.


Mythemeshop provides individual themes/plugins for individuals. You can also use the membership package.

If you are an individual user, retailing products will be the best way to save money, but if you need to provide services to your customers, the membership package will be a smart choice.


In short, Mythemeshop is a great WordPress theme/plugin provider, with many community-respected products and other benefits that help users of their products get the best support.

mythemeshop review

Are you using the product at Mythemeshop, how do you feel? How do you rate Mythemeshop themes/plugins? I would like to receive more feedback from you!

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