Hello, today I wrote this article because it comes from my experience, the first days looking for knowledge on making money online. I remember reading a lot of articles in so many different sources that my English was not good, and it took me a month to get into a “block”. Since most of the articles are split up like the kind that does not know where to start, sometimes it makes me confused. Of course, in the future I will also break up but splitting up is intended to be deeper. And if you are making money online how to apply and follow that way, if you have any other ideas, please comment to give us more opportunity to discuss.

The content of today’s article includes:

  • Make Money Online?
  • The form of making money online is often seen today
  • How do blogs make money?


Perhaps you have heard much to the phrase e-commerce so make money online is the form of e-commerce or not?

  • E-commerce is the process of buying and selling through electronic transactions such as the Internet and computer networks. This is a broad and broad concept.
  • Make money online or make money on the internet (MMO) is that you are making money on the internet through various forms. Making money online is understood to be using various tools to make money on the internet.


It is divided into two areas: In these two areas are also divided into many forms to make money

  • Own a sales channel: That is, you have a website or blog, a Facebook account or an online store … and then you sell a product/service on that channel to make money, or you lease it to someone else to sell. For example, you have a house in front of you selling clothes, on the floor you rent for students, on the roofs of your house for advertising companies … so many forms that can earn money in your house.
  • Do not own any sales channels: You do not have anything but make money by clicking on ads, responding to surveys, reading e-mails, sharing documents, betting online … I do not recommend. Because of this, it is not sustainable and very risky.
  • There is another form I see quite a lot of people involved in that is selling T-shirts through sites such as Teespring.com, Sunfrog.com … Here you create the design on the shirt and marketing campaign to sell, The more you sell, the higher the commission.

make money online

Making money online is a lot of work is involved


  • Direct: That is, you create a blog with attractive content with a large amount of traffic. Then you give (1) another partner to place an ad, (2) Suspend Google Adsense ads (3) Sell a book, a course, a product right at the blog (4) Affiliate Marketing – you introduce the reader to buy a product of another partner and enjoy the commission. (5) Finally, you create a blog with a niche site that develops it with relevant keywords and then sells it to the person who needs it.
  • Indirect: You still create a reputable blog on a particular topic and (1) advise other individuals on that topic. (2) You find a job, for example, a copywriter at an advertising agency. (3) Write a post for a magazine or another blog. (4) Opportunity to attend a seminar to talk about the topic you develop on your blog.

make money online

There are so many other types of money from blogs that I can not write here. I hope with this article you will have the most overview of ways to make money online in general and make money through a blog in particular.

The following article in the Make Money Online section I will try to go in each specific form with analysis so that you can determine the path of “pick up” on the Internet best suited to their strengths.

If you have any questions or comments, just leave a comment below.