Read the title of this article sure how no you are thinking what this guy is cutting right now. Blogging that needs mental preparation? Just like preparing to open a company or … get married

Yes, the problem is being made important if the purpose “My blog is for entertainment – to help me relax”

But if:

“My Blog to help – guide others”

“My blog to promote my forthcoming book – for business purposes”

“My blog to more people know me”

“My blog to save lives – to tell my children later”

“My blog as a personal profile used to find work”

“My blog to draw attention to a girl I want to get married …”

“I blog to make money”

Once you choose to blog for all of the above reasons, no matter how much preparation and materialism you have, there is a need for you to reach your goal.

I confirm this because personally experienced, I previously blog on the Yahoo 360 platform (of course there are many professional blogs here) just to record the miscellaneous, happy to write, the last resting place … always resting. Nobody knows what the blog is because there are no specific goals or goals for it. When I created that blog I did not lose any spirit, any substance, created in a few minutes, maintained for several months and decided to delete in a few hours.

But with this blog, it takes 1 week to invest “spirit” as choose what topic to write about? What is the name of the blog? What platform to write? Where to buy hosting? Hire installers or make yourself from az … Then finally take out a little “material” to buy domain names, buy hosting … because I determine the purpose is: Make money by writing your guide. professional blog. (One purpose is to hear it)

I know a lot of people have blogs and many of them have blogs in a very short time for simply not maintain it and eventually not reach the purpose of that blog. Blogging today is not just about writing, it’s about making a serious investment, persevering, planning and doing things often, then promoting your readers, optimizing your search engine. you have an internet presence …

If you are reading this, then you are probably preparing to write professional blogs rather than just blogs for recreation – relax. Which is professional, the investment spirit – material is worth doing right? Wish you soon succeed and create yourself a professional blog offline!