So you have gone through quite a lot of knowledge to find out what a blog is? Choose a name, choose a topic to grow your blog for monetization purposes. The next step is to buy a host to start installing a website or blog.

In this article, I will introduce you to a hosting provider called StableHost, which is a great service for anyone who wants to start a WordPress Self-Hosted website.

NOTE: This article contains some links. If you click on it and buy the product, I will receive a small commission, it will not be in the cost of your payment. This fee is the provider paid me. Thank you very much for that.
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StableHost is a server service provider of two types: Shared Host and VPS (ie shared and virtual private server packages). Here we will use the shared host package because it is easy to use, cheap and the package is the lowest.

StableHost has 3 data centers, including two in the US and one in the Netherlands, but when you buy it, it’s best to choose a server in the US for better performance. Also, they apply SSD hard drive for the entire host package here whether high-end or cheap.

If you are new to StableHost, use the AFF40SH discount code to get a 40% discount on the Shared Host package.


You go to StableHost and select WEB HOSTING


Then select the STARTER package


Next part you choose:

  1. I want to transfer my domain and enter the domain name information purchased in Namecheap.
  2. Pick a buying period (you should choose a minimum of 6 months or more because of the cost of the job)
  3. The Order Summary section is the total amount you need to pay.
  4. Then click Next


The Hosting Location you should choose is: Phoenix, AZ (server in the US)

Enter the AFF40SH code to get a 40% discount and click Apply.



Once you’ve entered the discount code, you’ll see the payment amount:

  • Price:¬†Original amount, not discount code applied
  • Discount: Your money is reduced (40%)
  • Total pay:¬†The amount you need to pay now


Click on Proceed To Checkout to submit your personal information and payment.

Once the payment process is complete, they will inform you that you have successfully placed the Order ID number.

Now click on menu Services -> My services to see the service you bought, if you see the hosting package has the word Active blue is activated successfully. If the red Pending words are waiting for approval (try to wait for 1 to 2 hours to check again).

Usually, when you buy successfully you will be sent by StableHost 3 email:

  • Welcome to StableHost: Greetings
  • Credit Card Payment Confirmation: The payment information of the hosting package you purchase
  • StableHost – Web Hosting Details: Notice your host pack has been enabled containing important information for accessing the host

You open the mail “StableHost – Web Hosting Details” to see the information.

StableHost will create a password for you to access the host if you find it difficult to remember to go to to Services -> My services select the hosting package to buy and then find. Change Password on the left and change the password and then Save Changes.

Note: You need to distinguish the StableHost client account will be different from the host login account offline. You just change the password above that is to change the password to access the host in the cPanel.

So you have a host to prepare to blog, then not too hard right? If you have any problems with your purchase, please share them under comments. Jack will support you with all that has to be.