Recalled at the beginning of the story in the idea of building yourself a personal blog, I was looking to see how to have a blog run-on-the-internet? How often do people use the software, code-sources to create blogs? Luckily after a few minutes, I found WordPress. But to this moment again encounter a question What is WordPress? And why there are two WordPress that is: and

At that time I do not understand why the guy Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress in 2001) again divided what to do mess do not know? It took another day to fumble to find out what different points and

Finally, is a developed version that allows users to create free blogs with up to 3Gb hosted content. is a version provided to users with self-hosted options. and have some similarities and differences, I recommend that you spend some time browsing below before deciding to use .com or .org.

WORDPRESS.COM is a simple, fast and complete option for anyone who wants to have a blog in three notes.

It’s completely free you just visit and sign up for an account, all the next steps are almost completely automated. You do not need to buy a domain name, nor need to buy a place to store data (hosting). gives you a “land” and a free domain type completely allows you to convert your domain name from to with prices ranging from $ 12-25.

However, when you switch domains, the rankings on the search engines will almost be lost. This is one factor that you need to consider before choosing a free solution from

If you do not have the time or simply do not have much knowledge about website administration, but want to have a domain name of running on then you should buy it from the beginning with the price offers about $ 18 / year.

The next drawback if you are building blogs with the goal of making money from programs like Google Adsense, this is not entirely feasible. You also can not install plugins for the purpose of optimizing blogs, the theme you can choose free but limited.

You also can not edit HTML or CSS to change the look or feel of personalization. Want to “touch” CSS please pay for for $ 30 per year. Making money scary.

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In contrast to You will have to purchase a separate domain and a hosting service, which is required when using

Most companies will give you the option to buy for a short period of time to try and then renew, some vendors will also give you a free domain name attached to the hosting package. The usual cost is around $ 5 a month with the option of using a shared host (shared hosting).


When you have bought a hosting and a domain, setting up WordPress is easy with the “one-click” host site and then you have a blog in less than three notes. You can also select free plugins and themes for’s repository up to thousands. You can change the layout, colors, fonts … freely customized.

After accessing cPanel you can install WordPress with “one-click”

You can access the host through the FTP (File Transfer Protocol) account to download/upload files, full control over the data, files on your host. What cannot get.

And if you consider the aspect to make money from blogs through the Adsense program or affiliate marketing, then gives you completely customized to do this work is not limited. Even if you need it, you can turn your blog into an e-commerce site to sell items like an online shop.


You can shorten the time and make building a blog easy by using but if you want full ownership, unlimited customization and the desire to make money from the program You should use

Considerations, considerations are considered! After this a little time to devote much effort to create content, attract traffic … then a beautiful day when you wake up to visit and receive the message “Sorry, Yesterday we argued with our wife :D, we are sorry to die free WordPress service … “. Do you remember Yahoo 360?