Wanting to make money on the internet, by all means, just let Google know who you are. This is what I want to say to you. Do not do this just as you are living without registration or temporary residence registration, it will be very difficult to “trade – transaction” for the purpose of making money.


Almost everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine on the internet. Anyone using the internet is sure to visit at least one visit to Google for information. There is a “what does not know to ask Google”, so you have to let the search engine know who you are? Doing?

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Understand how it works: You know Google has a robot (Googlebot), it is like a spider crawling around the internet, some nice day it crawls on your website then follow the link from one page to another, to create a map and then send it to the Google server.

The algorithms will then evaluate what your content is strong about, what you write about. And certainly, this “spider” is not going to stay on your website that it will go. But if you want it back, you need to “manipulate” it by taking care of your website as often as content updates, whether the content is widely shared or not? Then you have to optimize the website as the type to make “warm blanket cushion” so that each time it comes back it is more enjoyable. Since then, the frequency of it will increase, so making money on your internet is very good.


Content – different or die?

When you start blogging for the purpose of making money online, you have to make the content of the blog really different. You know there are thousands of blogs on the internet and every topic is not unique to you, so you only have to make your content really, or even better different.

Just forget about the “spider” in trouble, because it’s just a robot. You do not write blogs because of the “spider” that you are writing to serve the reader, also known as the audience. If your content makes the reader feel interested, they will stay on your site for a long time. They will read from one article to another, from one page to another, they will like, share … the content is wider, then they will come back more often. Since then, the “spider” new, come and go again. Gradually, with such unremitting efforts, sooner or later you will earn money on the internet.

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Technique – No need to know everything, but it must be enough:

If you just focus on content that forgets the technical (this technique people do a website or SEO) is like you are trying to build a beautiful house but lost your registration, registration number … Then how Google knows you have a presence that “spider” visit your “home”. After having a relatively complete website, you should take the time to report to Google about your presence. How to declare the current is quite simple and there are many blogs detailed instructions, you just go to google typing a few words can be done. (I have never been to any school to learn SEO, all are taught by google).

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Your opponents – Who are they?

As mentioned above you have blogged about cooking topics out there on the internet are also thousands of blogs are written about eating and cooking. That’s your opponent, maybe they’ve been blogging longer than you, better than you, so the only way you have to figure out is what they’re weak at. If they write about all the dishes from Europe to Asia, then why not choose just to write about the food of your country only. But that’s not enough, because there are so many blogs about your country’s food, so try another one of them, just choose the street food of your country.

I am sure your topic will be more powerful, more focused on a few specific keywords. The “spider” will come and send the keyword to google and by default, Google will appreciate your content and take you to a different point than the opponent.

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Conclusion: I think if you have read the end of this article then surely you are very serious about wanting to make money on the internet. But if you blog to make money then you never forget the reader, forget the “spider”, forget google and forget your opponent.

I wish you a better presence on Google if any comments do not hesitate to share with Jack under the comment section or contact me if you found difficult.