These are two questions that I have received quite a lot from you. Many years ago, when I first heard the word “Blog”, I asked myself many questions and found many different answers. Each source, however, has different definitions or explanations, almost based on the experience of the person who wrote the blog.

This is not wrong at all, the more readable the more I draw from the “most skillful” to the “definition” most. Therefore, the content below may not be completely correct, so I look forward to receiving comments from all of you for a more comprehensive view.


A “Weblog” is a term derived from the term “Web Log” consisting of a collection of text, images, and data that is arranged in chronological order. It can be viewed on an HTML browser.

A personal diary is updated regularly, in chronological order from the nearest to the far away, containing web links.

“Web Log” can be understood as a web magazine. The blog update activity is called “blogging” and the person who performs this activity is called “blogger”.

A blog is a website, in which the posts are updated in reverse chronological order. Blog posts often follow a certain theme and target a group of readers who are interested in the topic. Blogs contain text, hypertext, images, and links, video, audio. The person posting these materials is called a blogger.

This is all I can define blogs from a personal standpoint.

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This question probably will not have a concrete answer. Because how much money is enough, and depending on the purpose of your blog. Frankly, there are many professional blogs that are made with the initial $0. These are blogs that are using free platforms such as or

Then the questions to be answered are:

  • Which blog platform should I use?
  • Should I use for free or use a separate platform with a separate domain? Which one is better?
  • Advantages – disadvantage between using a free platform and a platform for a blog?
  • When starting to build blogs I use free then upgrade to separate platforms?

With my own experience, starting a blog if we are too hasty will make the process a little more hassle and time-consuming. Almost the current technology allows us to convert but it will probably cost a little, sometimes the search engine rankings (this is quite important) … Then it is necessary to do What to minimize this?

What is your purpose when building a blog? This is still what I think it completely determines how you will put the blog in any direction, investing how much time, effort and money for it. You should try to answer the following questions to determine your level of investment:

When you answer these questions, you are sure to find a way to blogging later. One thing I want to emphasize is that if you want to make money from blogs through placing ads, free platforms such as or (note different from will not be the option. yours.

How much money do you have to start a blog? A platform for building blogs has a range of free words to varying prices. Often you will have to pay for the following three items when you start building a professional blog:

  • The cost of buying a domain name.
  • The cost to buy hosting for website hosting.
  • Design costs.

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