Choosing to host for WordPress has long been a problem that many bloggers bring out. When you start to build your own website or blog, you are probably wondering how to choose to host. Which host is the best when using WordPress source code?

First of all, be sure to have the following 3 elements in place to get a WordPress website running on the internet: Domains, WordPress source code and hosting. A domain name is the website address, source code. WordPress is an open-source PHP language to support the creation of personal websites/blogs and hosting is the place to store the database on your website.

In the framework of this article, I will learn together with you and clarify what is hosting? How do you choose to host for WordPress?


The definition is very professional and according to a website industry, hosting is a computer that can receive and send two-way connections. Hosting is also known as a web server. This is a computer that can contain data related to the website such as source code, uploaded data, video examples … and databases. The process you use WordPress as an article, page, tag, …

In other words, hosting is a “piece of land” that you can build a house on. This is where you “put” the website up, attached to that address (domain name), upload that article, image, video … through an open-source software that is WordPress. Hopefully with this kind of poor definition, the new find out about hosting will be more accessible.


Before going to find out how many types of hosting, I want to confirm that they will rent the host rather than buying a host. The proof is that when registering a hosting package we need to pay the fee over time and that time we have to renew.

There are 3 types of hosting we need to know before hiring hosts as follows:

  • Dedicated Server:  This is the type where you rent a whole server. You are free to use this server, this type of hosting for the website has a huge amount of access (not for us because it is not really necessary and the price is very high)
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS): This is also where you hire a dedicated server but only the virtual server generated by a physical server. This site is for websites/blogs with an average of 8,000 to 100,000 visitors/day
  • Shared Hosting – is a hosting package that was born and set up by a Dedicated Server or VPS, which has pre-installed applications needed to make a website. This is the type of host we usually use because it is affordable, easy to use and cheap.

How to choose hosting for WordPress

Look at the image above to distinguish the 3 most easily hosting types in a way as we are renting a place to live.

Share hosting is the way you rent a room in the whole hostel, here the room is where you sleep but can be bathing, cooking, sanitation … it is shared with other room renters.

Virtual Private Server is just like you rent an apartment in an apartment building, you use the space in your apartment to sleep, cook, hang out … but you still have to share the same services car, elevator…

Dedicated Server is you rent a house, where there are private grounds with a garden gate to the BBQ parking lot, rich home!

So, when deciding which host package to hire depends on your own development strategy and needs. But almost all of us start with the Shared Hosting package.


It is said that the knowledge of hosting is extremely large, however, limited in this article I and you just learn to know how the hosting works best for a website using WordPress source code.

To run well on the WordPress source code, your hosting needs two factors:

  • Using the Linux operating system
  • PHP and MySQL support (preferably PHP and MySQL version 5 and above)

You just use the hosting that I have introduced at this blog is completely assured can run well.



Price is the first factor when you decide to buy something. For hosting, too, with today’s shared hosting packages, the average price ranges from $ 4 to $ 10 per month. Providers often offer promotions or discount codes, so take advantage of this to save a significant amount of your budget.

You should rent a host for a period of one year, as this will cost you a lot less than you would hire for 3 or 6 months.


As mentioned above hosting is “land” and a domain name is your “home address”. For domains with extensions like .com, .net. .org currently costs about $ 10 to $ 15 per year.

My experience is that you should not buy a domain name before buying a host, unless you are a domain name speculator, or you have plans for the future and are afraid someone else to register for that domain name. Why not buy a domain name before hiring a host? A simple majority of hosting providers nowadays reduce the huge cost associated with buying domain + hosting for the first time. So take the time to enjoy these incentives.

Have you ever asked if you should buy the domain and hosting the same place or not? I also share that if you do not have much knowledge of technology then you should register the host and domain in one place because of the same budget as mentioned above, you do not need to perform point naming domain hosts when purchased separately in two different places.


This is a very important factor when you are hiring. Nowadays, there are many foreign hosting providers and their data centers are in many places, usually in the US, so the quality is very good and most of us choose them.


Hosting in the United States, the speed of the page load is the terrible quality of customer service.

Experience, if you are not a technology expert in hosting, should choose a hosting provider that has good customer service quality, and most of it is a hosting provider in the US. Simply because if something goes wrong, nobody can help you out of your hosting provider, and you can only fix it if you use … Dedicated Servers. Server or Virtual Private Server.


You see my hosting reviews because there are so many hosting providers, but when I offer you a vendor, I look at the information and sometimes experience it first. their service quality.

You can see the hosting review here. When you click on those links and buy hosting, you support me so I get a commission from the host. These are also costs that keep me blogging, I appreciate the support from you.


Here are all the experiences related to choosing to host for WordPress, in summary, you should note:

  • Before deciding to rent a host you need to review your website/blog is how big? Future development strategies to choose the most suitable hosting package
  • Customer support is important to make sure you can contact the provider anytime by phone, chat, or email.
  • Do not forget the Datacenter location
  • Refer to discount programs to save a budget
  • Check the host rate. Is the rent appropriate for your financial situation?

Hopefully, through this article, I have shared with you the knowledge as well as experience related to choosing to host for WordPress. If you have any questions, please feel free to leave a question or comment below so that we have the opportunity to discuss further.

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