Someone will say that the cost to build a blog is $ 0. This is exactly the same as a blog with goals such as writing for fun, having a place to take notes and not very important. But for a professional blog with the goal to make money online, you have to invest a bit of money, like a business. You will have to invest capital to make a profit. For example, if you open a pastry shop, you need to pay for the cost of space, materials, advertising, staffing…

In this article, I will outline the most basic costs to start a blog, which will be charged for 1 year. I also want to reiterate that this is all the cost for a professional blog, the form of blogs can generate revenue, not blogs created for the purpose of recording for fun. If you need a blog so can use these free services at (other or Blogger, Tumblr …

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So what to start with a blog? I will set out the most necessary expenses so that you can start blogging and put it on the Internet. However, there will be other shopping expenses, but those costs are just added to increase the value or optimize your blog.


As mentioned above you can own a free domain with subdomains at like But this type of domain is difficult for personal brand positioning, it also makes your blog address difficult to remember and feels unprofessional.

Usually, the cost to buy a popular domain name ending in .com is now around $ 12 for a year. If you want to secure your domain name information, you can spend $ 10 more to buy Whois (Protecting Domain Ownership Information).

With domain name is not popular like .club .online .xyz … you can buy for only … $ 1 per year.


For hosting, the cost will vary from $ 5 to $ 10 per month, depending on your needs. How much do you expect the blog to grow, the traffic, how many blogs run on that host … all this will determine your cost and your choice. However, with a regular blog, you can use the share host package for about $ 5 / month.

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You will need a system or source code to manage the content. Many professional bloggers, as well as other famous websites, are using Luckily, is completely free with a large community of users, powerful tools developers. Then a variety of other tools are being free to help you administer the best blogging like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tool.

Registering programs like Google Adsense, affiliate marketing … is totally free, now you can start making money online with your blog.

There are some other expenses you might also be interested in for example blog interface, although free WordPress gives you up to thousands of interface to choose from. But if you want to optimize your blog with search engines or want to customize the look of your personal style, then you may need to buy professional interfaces for $ 50- $ 100. You can hire a logo design to enhance your brand identity.

Once your blog grows you may need to reinvest it, like hiring writers, paying royalties to other guest bloggers to enrich your content, buying more advanced plugins or marketing tools. profession…. That’s all the expenses you need to think about. Of course, it may not be necessary at the beginning.

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Create a professional blog with the goal of making money as well as you are undertaking a business investment, so at the cost, I listed above it looks like “business dealings” its capital is not so much With other traditional business models, it does not.

If you find any additional costs that I did not mention above to start building a blog then leave comments under the comments section. Jack is always delighted and welcomes comments from you!